Top 10 Most Popular E-commerce Sites

We used to go shopping when we have to buy something, yet now we don’t have to do that or even to go out and leave our homes on the grounds that everything is reachable and can be easily found before us through few clicks.eCommerce websites are very popular for their facilities by the internet.

The websites are listed in here according to how much visitors visit these websites.

1 | Amazon

Amazon now the top and most popular of the eCommerce sites.Where customers can find anything they want to buy in online.It began as an online book shop and immediately differentiated to offer all that you require.It provides services for customers with many features such as payment systems, discount offers, quick checkout, easy and fast delivery of products and good price of various products.


2 | Netflix

Netflix is another eCommerce website of American entertainment company.It’s main business to sell DVD and rental.Netflix founded by giving DVD rental by mail business. It expanded their business by streaming media.Now, this site is ranked by their services.

3 | eBay

eBay is the most popular shopping websites in the eCommerce lover.This site helps the customers to sell and buy that makes the websites more beneficial for sellers and buyers.

4 | Walmart

Walmart is a largest retailing company in the world.They provide for the customers in online such home appliances, sports items, clothes, toys etc.


5 | Etsy

This website specially arranged by different homemade or vintage and factory made items.For that reason, customers can buy their special product from this site.Their offers are exclusive that’s why customers are very interested to buy their products.

6 | Ikea

The world of eCommerce Ikea is the most popular and top ranked for their products.A lot amount of customers are visits to this site.Furniture retailing for the domestic home.


7 | Bestbuy

Online visitors frequently increases in Bestbuy sites, for this reason, becomes most popularity in the world.The most popular for electronic products and entertainment software.They offer their products in cheap rate.

8 | Flipkart

Another eCommerce website that renowned in the world names Flipkart.They started their business by selling books, but now they are rich by selling various products.This company is special for their Cash on Delivery System.

9 | Alibaba

Alibaba is the global eCommerce website.It was established in 1999 and is headquartered in Hangzhou, China. This site is more known in China and Asia and it furnishes its clients with various elements.Alibaba becomes more popular in recent years.



10 | Nike

Nike is one of the most active and popular in the world.It becomes popular for exclusive collection and discount offers.Their name spread in the world very quickly for easy to buy, huge collection of products and especially for cheap rates.


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